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A beautiful week on the Sea of Cortez

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

By: Sara Scannell

A cool ocean breeze gently brushes my face while I bask in the warmth of the sun. I sip a fresh mimosa as the smell of tacos, and fresh tortillas drift out of the catamaran kitchen behind me. There is a peaceful quiet, softened by the occasional sound of seagulls and rolling waves.

This was was how I spent each day on my Baja By Sea catamaran cruise through the Sea of Cortez.

Everything about this experience was phenomenal - the constant stunning views, the service, the comfortable accommodations, and the world-class meals.

We departed on the Kailani boat from La Paz and began our day with an incredible meal of chilaquiles with a view of dolphins swimming around the boat. Since we started our journey on a Thursday, the popular coves around the island of Espiritu Santo were not crowded, and we were able to explore the crystal blue water and beaches in peace with an entire harbor to ourselves.

This made for an incredible opportunity to admire the sunset and the stars, totally undisturbed by any lights around us. As we nestled into the cushions of the catamaran, the entire Milky Way stretched above us, unobstructed. There’s nothing better than watching shooting stars with those you love, a glass of wine, and the comfort of a delicious dessert.

After a wonderful night, it was a joy to wake up each morning to a beautiful spread of fresh fruit, pastries, and then an elaborate meal of eggs, tortas, and many other delicious options. Plus, the marlin we caught while traveling, made for an incredible lunch of truly fresh fish!

After a tranquil night at Espíritu Santo, we headed to the smaller island of San Francisco. Our amazing crew set up a tent on the beach for us, and it was lovely to spend a little while with our toes in the pristine white sand. After a hike to the top of the island, we spent the afternoon enjoying beers and snacks on the inflatable dock, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

This cove was much busier, but it was fun to see the lights of the boats all around us in the evening. The nights were especially cool because the underwater lights on the back of the boat attracted fish, stingrays, eels, and more. We spent hours watching them underneath the boat like our own little aquarium.

The next day, we headed to one of my favorite spots – the tiny island of Pardito. This island has been home to one family for three generations, and it was so fun to see the lively colors and murals they had created for visitors to enjoy. The snorkeling around this island was amazing and we loved seeing all the bright fish and coral!

Our final night was spent at a cove closer to La Paz. Our crew was very accommodating of our schedule to make sure we made it back to the dock in time for our early flight the next day, while still enjoying the end of our time in paradise. Even when we were closer to the city lights, the stars were stunning and we closed at our adventure with yet another breathtaking sunset.

Everything about this trip was sublime. The hospitality that our crew showed us was unmatched. The meals that our chef Marco crafted were unforgettably delicious, and he kindly tailored them to our dietary restrictions. Most importantly, our crew created the perfect environment for my family to spend amazing quality time together.

Some tips I would suggest:

  • Practice your Spanish before you go if you are not bilingual. Our crew and the locals in La Paz did not speak fluent English so you will be glad to know some Spanish.

  • If you are a mosquito magnet like me, bring high-quality bug spray and hydrocortisone cream. While this was not a problem for most people on the boat, I left with a lot of bug bites that I was unprepared for.

  • Baja By Sea provides mixes for drinks but not alcohol so you will need to buy some in La Paz if you plan to drink alcohol. We went to Chedraui and were able to purchase tequila, beer, and wine (although there was a somewhat limited wine selection)

  • It’s not too late in the year to experience one of these amazing trips! Starting in November, you can enjoy a number of whale migrations.

Overall, I cannot recommend a trip with Baja by Sea highly enough. Thanks to our hardworking crew, all of our worries of day-to-day life slipped away. We were able to rest, rejuvenate, and most importantly, enjoy the rare opportunity to create beautiful memories with family.



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