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Meet Ines and Laura from Mama Ines Designs.

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Photos by Oscar Rodriguez

What inspired your mom to create aprons?

Mama Ines Designs was inspired by a personal experience. My mom was looking for a nice apron, but she couldn't find something that she liked, so she created her own apron. She wanted her apron to be comfortable, beautiful, and feminine. One day, while talking to my mom, we realized that we could start making other women look beautiful and feminine wearing a nice apron. So the idea of starting a business was born. We are extremely happy to start this journey as a mom and daughter business.

Mama Ines has a Design degree in Chile. But she never pursued her passion for creating it until now. They say it's never too late to make your dreams come true. At 72-years-old, she is happy to wake up every morning and work on her designs.

What gives you both the most joy for your woman-owned business?

The joy is to feel empowered! To take control of our future and to be able to do something that we love and want to grow. Our vision is to create nice designs for our clients and make them feel special. We are in a very early stage of our business, but we are extremely confident that this women-owned business will be successful. This mom and daughter business will be a fun journey.

Where or how can people purchase your aprons?

For now, they can find us on Instagram. Anyone can send us a direct message to our Instagram page, We are working on creating a website and an ETSY page to showcase our designs. Also, we are creating custom designs. Our very first collection completely sold-out. The next collection is coming up soon!

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