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Q&A with Relationship Coach Angela Brien

How should you make yourself stand out on a dating app?

Invest the money and get a professional photographer to take your photos. If you can’t invest in it at the moment, find a friend that loves taking pictures and have them take them. Also, include images of things you enjoy doing, such as hiking, at sporting games, dancing, or walking your dog. You want your potential date to understand the things that bring you genuine joy.

For the ladies, when you describe yourself, use “feeling” words to show you are connected to your feminine radiance.

For example:

“I feel so alive and joyful when I am out in nature.”

“I feel calm when I am reading a good book or enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee.”

Strong masculine men can feel connected to you when connected to your own heart and your happiness. For the men, let a woman know what you are looking for, what your interests are, and what makes you the happiest. We love descriptive words and love to see a man who knows who he is and that he has direction in his life. A turn-off is a man who “goes with the flow” that does not give us much confidence that you will lead a relationship well. But, be genuine in who you are, and the right women will appreciate all the qualities you bring to the table.

Don’t be afraid to message and chat with many people on dating websites. If you are just getting started in the dating world again, then use it to practice talking to someone and expressing what you are feeling and your interests. In this process, you will narrow down the people you want to meet for a one-on-one date. Remember that each person is a soul, and be respectful when talking to them. If you don’t have a connection, you can politely tell them they are not for you, but you know they will find who they are meant to be with. Have fun. Be playful. Connect to your heart and feelings. Remember, they are a person with emotions and be kind. Always have fun and enjoy each date. Remember that you are not getting engaged yet. There is no need to rush the process or think you need to be on a timeline to find “the one.” Let the conversations flow.

If you become serious about dating someone, give it at least three months before committing to the person as a girlfriend or boyfriend. That will give you time to see how they speak to you, treat you, if they are respectful, and if you have common interests that will keep you together for the long haul.

What is your advice for career-focused individuals who would like to open up some time for dating?

If you are serious about wanting to find love, make the time! If you do not have much time to spare, meet up for coffee or lunch dates to start to get to know someone one-on-one. Be open to the fact you could meet someone anywhere, including at your local coffee shops, work, or fitness center. Good men and women are everywhere. Start to strike up conversations wherever you are. You never know where you can meet a wonderful person. Make an online dating profile and be open to meeting someone organically. The more you date, the more likely you will find the perfect mate for you. But, make dating a priority if you are serious about love. Having a career you love is important, but having someone to go on this adventure called life is even more important. There is someone for everyone. Have an open mind and an open heart.

Any top tips for singles on Valentine’s Day?

Get out with your friends and have a great time. People are attracted to other happy people! They want to know you can have fun and your happiness doesn’t depend on another person; it is an attractive quality. They want to know you have your own life too and enjoy every minute of it. Go to a great local restaurant, sit at the bar, and have a meal; if you see someone, you are attracted to, smile at them and engage. Wear an outfit that makes you confident, put on your best smile, and be around the people that bring you the most don’t. Do not be sad it’s Valentine’s Day, and you don’t have anyone yet because the best person you can love is yourself. Enjoy this time as a single person, do activities that bring you joy, buy yourself some flowers, and do an act of self-care this month. Have confidence knowing the person meant for you is on the way!

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