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Q&A with Relationship Coach Jada Sharise

What’s the most popular question you get regarding love, romance or dating?

"How did you know he was the one?" And I love that question because at first, I didn't know he was "the one." I actually said I would never date him because he wasn't "my type." I quickly learned that sometimes your "type" isn't your type. I was friend-zoning the wrong guy (Ladies, be careful! You never know!) I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the time to get to know him. We quickly became best friends, and we built a solid foundation (love mixed with friendship) for almost three years. It was important to us that we didn't skip the friendship stage.

At about six months, I knew he was the one because for the first time, I didn't choose with my eyes. I fell in love with HIM, his character. I had fallen in love with a man that never touched me. I met him in a really dark place in my love life, but he truly lit me up. The conversations were endless, and we both shared one common goal = marriage. And here we are five years later... planning a wedding. :)

Any top tip(s) for singles who dread the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day?

Treat yourself on this day! You can still get dressed up, buy yourself some flowers, write yourself a love letter, or surround yourself with the people who love you. Please remember:

You can be single and happy.

You don't need a partner to experience happiness.

Your worth is not tied to a relationship status.

You are worthy of a healthy relationship.

With the rise of Omicron, dating in person has become more challenging. What are your suggestions for pandemic dating?

Virtual dating is becoming a thing! Consider searching social media or event websites for virtual dating events. How convenient to meet a pool of singles without ever leaving your house?!

If you find a match online, you can talk via phone and FaceTime, which takes us back to the old days of actually being social without the media. You can easily vet out people based on the ability to initiate and hold a conversation. I also think it's a deeper form of intimacy when you can hold a great conversation. Social media has changed the world's perspective on communication, but the pandemic has brought us closer to people and picking up the phone more. Start with virtual or online dating, and when you both feel comfortable and it's safe, then meet up in person.

Where can subscribers find you? Website or social media?

​​Jada Sharise: Relationship Coach ​


Instagram: @jadasharise



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