This year, I traveled to Paris, virtually! I gave it a go with Woyago!

Is Paris on your mind? Or has France been on your bucket list for a long time? But you can’t physically get there, yet?

No worries, travelers! It's time to get virtual. There is a new way to travel to Paris or other international destinations without having to leave your home or office. Oui! Recently, I tested it out myself with the company, Woyago. I had a wonderful first-time experience doing the interactive virtual bike ride tour in Paris. During my live tour, I had two very knowledgeable tour guides, Sal and Herbert. They were both leading the way from Paris, Sal was on a bike, while Herbert was at his home. An additional perk, Sal was fluent in Spanish!

There were many reasons why I loved my tour with Woyago. Here are just a few:

  • The local guides were very engaging and interactive for the entire 90-minutes. It flew by so quickly, I wish there was more time!

  • While Sal was riding on his bike (with a camera) to the next stop, Herbert was already on screen asking me about French trivia, a vocabulary quiz, and he had great photos of Paris on a virtual display.

  • The language part of this tour was just as exciting! As some of you might know, I have been taking virtual French classes for the past eight months, and this was a great way to hear from locals in France.

Such a fun time exploring Paris! This year, I was happy to see the Eiffel Tower from the comfort of my home. It inspired me to want to visit sooner than later! Whether you have visited Paris in the past or you are waiting for your first time, this was an enjoyable way to discover a French city, language, and historic landmarks with local tour guides.

Besides Paris, Woyago offers additional destinations to virtually explore like India and Italy. Find out more about Woyago here.