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Traveling for the holidays? My top tips for a smooth trip.

Are you one of the estimated 30 million travelers expected to travel for Thanksgiving? I joined FOX 11 KKFX with my top travel tips.

Speed up the security line process

I highly recommend TSA Pre Check to get through security faster. You can sign up here:

Plan to travel overseas? There's Global Entry.

Research your local airport to find out the latest news, updates and more.

Angelenos: The Los Angeles International Airport just reported that they expect an estimated 2.52 million passengers for this upcoming holiday. Which means plan to arrive earlier and expect long lines.

Packing: Prepare, Prepare and Prepare Some More

Always a good idea to check your airlines luggage and weight restrictions.

We have all been there before when our luggage is over the weight limit. And we have to take things out from one suitcase to another. Right? I suggest investing in a luggage scale. You can weigh your suitcases prior to leaving for the airport. You can purchase luggage scales online or at most department stores.

Pack all TSA approved carry-ons ahead of time for a smooth transition to your plane.

Have a travel question or a travel story? Email Jeannette at:

Jeannette Ceja is a bilingual Travel Journalist and a Travel Host. Today, she is frequently called upon as a Travel Expert and a Global Public Speaker around the world.


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