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Q&A: An Exclusive Interview with Teresa Lowe

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

In your own words, tell us, who is Teresa Lowe?

I'd say that Teresa Lowe is a person that loves to create travel content that people can enjoy and actually see themselves visiting some or all of the places we document.

Can you tell us about your journey?

I grew up in the Midwest- in Columbus, Ohio. My dad moved from the deep South to the Midwest, while serving in the Army. He then branched out to become a chef for various top restaurants in Columbus after his time in service. Later he worked in the construction industry and started his own construction business for residential housing. His drive to learn and become what he wanted to be was instilled in me to be the best at whatever I choose to do. I followed his path of military service and joined the Air Force in the early 80s serving for almost 10 years. It is my time in service that I learned to speak up for the path the I wished to travel. From there I worked, went to college, and began to travel.

When I moved to Michigan, I had the opportunity to model and eventually work a the chief hostess for Ms. Aretha Franklin, when she would host celebrity parties. I then wanted to do more work as a filmmaker and took a certification course to learn about good storytelling, as a Producer, Director, Picture Editor, and the overall production process. After moving from Michigan to California in 2005, I began to put my skills to the tests by working at various awards shows, additionally, working on independent film sets as a Set Photographer. I met my now-husband, now retired News Anchor and Featured News Reporter, Paul Lowe, who shared my passion for travel and entertainment. Together we write, photograph, have fun, eat, stay and play adventures for multiple audiences.

What or who inspired you to get work in the travel industry?

My husband Paul inspired my zest to travel, as he would encourage me to produce segments that he could report on for radio the station he worked for. Upon his retirement and after the station was sold and the format changed, our love of travel did not diminish. In fact, it flourished and even included RV Travels, and celebrity travel stories that our audiences continue to enjoy. We were featured in an AARP commercial that has been running for at least four years now, which showcased our love of travel.

In 2020, there continues to be a lack of diversity and inclusion in travel, how has that impacted you personally or professionally?

We are always reaching out to various groups such as convention and tourism bureaus, as well as destination companies to promote stories about travel with people of color. It is very important to consider the fact that people of color spend quite a bit of their dollars to travel all over the world, and we hope more tourism bureaus, hotel corporations, the cruise industry, and others will allow us to review their products and destinations to tap into a very lucrative segment of the population as people of color travel and will spend their hard- earned dollars where they feel wanted and appreciated.

What have been any challenges you have experienced in the travel industry?

We have found it hard at times to get the decision-makers to show interest in allowing us to cover their destinations if they do not realize or think people of color will travel to their destinations. If they give us an opportunity to showcase what they have to offer, our audiences can learn more about the product or service and see themselves wanting to travel to that destination.

How can we as a team, community, and the public be supportive and amplify your voice as a Black travel expert and creator?

Allow us the opportunity to cover their product or service, and also networks should be open to more shows or segments about travel with people of color.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Learn everything you can about what you want to become, always be ready to be of service and offer help to others. Those blessings always come back to you in many ways.

What is your hope for the future?

I hope to see more destinations and companies receive and welcome people of color to their venues without bias. We want and will spend our money where it is appreciated.

Anything else you want to share?

As I continue to create content with my husband and our adult children, we hope to share meaningful stories that inspire others to get out and travel and enjoy life.

Where can the audience find out more about you?

We write for ETMMEDIA, Soul Of America, and Cuisine Noir. Thank you for allowing me to tell our story!



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